Hello I am Aiden Kramer and welcome to my website for my method of training horses and also featuring my equine photography. Right now I am the head horse trainer and operations manager at Bavarian Meadows, a horse training facility in Northern Kentucky, USA.

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As a newer face to the equine industry, I am aspiring to become a performance horse trainer. I first started training horses professionally when I was 16 yrs old and since have begun my journey learning from every new horse I work. This website is dedicated to all the ‘Horsemen’ who have influenced my learning and application of working with these incredible animals!

This year I will be competing in the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Lexington, Kentucky. With hard work and good horses I will be able to share this journey with you each week as I travel to the Makeover. The EMM was started in 2007 as a means to help train and find homes for wild mustangs. Since then over 5000 mustangs have been adopted through this unique program. The trainers receive an untouched wild horse and have 100 days to train and bring it to the competition. Follow along as I take this challenge and learn lessons only nature can teach.