We spend our life losing our happiness trying to make money,

Then we spend our money trying to find happiness.

This past week I had several epiphanies about my life, my family, and my work. All of them meld together, without one I cannot have the other two, and yet in the busiest of times with all three I find peace. Wednesday last week marked the 18th day with the mustang and we overcame some hurdles, I am very proud what we accomplished.

Thursday my wife and I prepared for the coming of our first child. He came in the early hours of Friday morning and blessed all our lives with the sounds only a newborn baby can make. With this new found motivation I focused myself to the care of my family and now I have found what will push me to new limits I never thought possible in my lifetime. Every man has only one wish and that is to live forever, as that is a physical impossibility the next closest thing is the legacy he leaves through his children and their children, in essence to be remembered forever. Looking into your own child’s eyes will give you a new perspective as a provider and a protecter that only can come from your own flesh and blood. I could not be more happy and more at peace with this responsibility because I now know that this is my job and everything else will help me do it the best that I can.

I dedicate my work to my family and everything that they need from me.

Silver Shyboy is a huge part of my work and what I do with him will show hopefully just how much I can accomplish with this motivation. He is an incredibly smart animal and I have a lot of advantages that I am using to help us work even better together. I can not stress enough how important it is that we control everything from what we learn to what we teach them. With that in mind, I have been very careful how I am introducing him to each new part of the process in training to help him learn more and learn faster each day.