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Horse Training

In order to master the skills of Horsemanship, there are certain exercises that develop various dynamics of training for both the horseman and the horse. ‘To teach, one must first master himself’, likewise in Horsemanship, the handler should know the in’s and out’s of horse training before taking on the task of working with the horse.

In all of the exercises that will be explained here throughout each week these are a few things to keep in mind:

  • ‘Knowledge is Power’: Understand the exercise itself, how to apply it, and the final result you are working towards.
  • Consistency: Go over the exercise exactly the same way each time and then finesse your technique and style.
  • Dedication: The key to learning and mastering this art is repetition day after day.

‘Behind every good horse is a good horseman’

Horses cannot teach themselves.. do not expect your end results if you are not willing to work for them!

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