Horse Types

Each horse has a unique personality, that is a set of traits and qualities that determine how that horse moves and reacts to pressure. Learn to observe each horse and be able to work with them all differently according to their feel and personality. There are 4 general types of horses: Active and Lazy…  paired with Dominant or Recessive.

  • Recessive / Active – flighty, timid, difficult to gain trust, works great with constant repetition
  • Dominant / Active – energetic, always testing boundaries, difficult to earn respect, (my favorite type of horse)
  • Recessive / Lazy – stubborn, moves slowly, needs constant attention, watch the details closely with this horse
  • Dominant / Lazy – curious, reacts slowy, works well with constant change and new challenges


With each type of horse there are strong points and weak points. As the handler you need to find which your horse is.. develop the weakpoints and mellow out or control the strong points. There by making the horse more balanced when interacting with you.