Over the past several weeks I’ve had the privilege of sharing my experience of working with a wild mustang. I’ve had my good days and my not so good days. Unfortunately I can’t catch my best moments on camera all the time so when I do get an opportunity to share something I try to save it to show all of you. This week has been extremely busy here at the farm and I was unable to work on anything out of the ordinary so I thought I would share a lesson that is the hardest to learn but the most common in any successful horse training program. Consistency.

I could just say “consistency” and if you followed only that you would definitely get consistent results but if would they be good or bad is completely up to you. I have found this the hardest lesson to learn and practice everyday in my work. We get caught up to often in the flashy exciting progress that when it gets to the slow methodical progress it loses its power and we usually let things slide. Whether it’s our cues or our focus or our ability to constantly read the horse, we must always stay consistent. My progress with this little mustang will come down to how consistent can I be with my work, my sessions, my study of horsemanship each day.

Now for some people it might seem impossible to do at least something everyday with their horse. But if they have time to feed their horse I think they at least have time to do 5 to 10 minutes of something with their horse. This little goal will turn into a realization that you can make more time and then you can devote some of it to learning and some of it to hands-on training.

Why would this be the only lesson? Because as humans we are susceptible to failure in small increments until it affects everything in our life. So start today.. just a little consistency.